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Michael Fraser Music Presents

A Harmonic Resonance

Sound & Medicine Journey Series Special Event with México Sagrado

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Delta, BC | Saturday January 20th & February 10th
6PM - Late (Overnight) | 6 Spaces

"It felt like chants were coming from different parts of time and space."

Are you a seeker? These internal journeys will take you places you can't go on your own; bringing the past, hidden and forgotten to the present moment

Take a look at the facilitators that will be guiding your experience. 

Meet the Facilitators

"Everything felt like a really beautiful surprise for my senses rich with gifts. I was lying there showered with an abundance of gifts for my senses that just kept coming. The entire time, I just felt so grateful. It was really really really beautiful. It was a blissful experience."

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Harmonic Resonance Series


Presented by Michael Fraser Music
Sacred Music Facilitator 
Producer & Artist Developer

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